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1.Terms and conditions.


We do not store your billing details (credit/debit card, name address, bank account or other information)! Everything is stored by PayPal or AliExpress and their secure servers! Your address, name, zip code, state, etc. might be used for shipping, statistics and in order to improve our site, offers and services!

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We do not offer remote or any access to your computer, phone, tablet, etc. and sensitive, personal, private, important information!

Since some people call us with already broken computers and attempt to put the blame on us we put this legal disclaimer:

Despite that we have not had such a problem until now (except people trying to make us the guilty ones), the legal disclaimer is necessary by our’s and the law’s point of view!
We (by “we” we refer to: our team, site, owner, administrators, members and all people and tools associated with are not responsible in any way for any damage caused to your system, computer, hardware, software, supplemental equipment and anything that my be affected by our services, in any way!

By visiting our site, you agree to all of our terms and conditions, which might change at any time without notice! So please check regularly!

2. About us & contacts.

Primarily we offer electronics and similar on “” and clothes, shoes, accessories on “”. If we don’t have something, send us an email at CFCBazar@GMAIL.COM, we will find the product, give you a good deal and send you the linik.

We offer hardware development for electronics devices. Meaning the electronic circuit, PCB, Gerber files and BOM. For more information, contact us at CFCBazar@GMAIL.COM.

We can solve almost all computer issues. With a success rate of 95%. We offer our services for a reasonable price. If you are satisfied with our services, we use eBay in order to collect our payments, you can receive a refund within 14 days if our help was not on the spot. The price is negotiable! It can be up to 50 USD, but that is rare for consumers, and is mostly for companies.

We are experts in the field of tech support.


Mini consultations on computers, tablets, phones, etc.

If you want to explain something to your grandparents or untrained relatives and children, are unable to solve a small problem with your computer, you want to know how to watch videos, what software do you need to use for .docx or CV (resume) files, how to play a game, how to install more RAM or anything else, we can offer you a mini-consultation on the price of 5 USD. After we resolve the problem you can make a best offer on our eBay ad. All you need is a debit or credit card, no need for a registration on both eBay or PayPal.


 Some things not solved by normal computer repairman, but solved by us:

1. Boost the performance of a Windows 8 laptop

-The standard computer repairman: “Get a new laptop or buy more RAM, better video card, processor for your computer”. We solved the problem with no additional components and for a period of 6 months the performance is stable!

2. Install Windows 8, Android 4.4, OpenSuse, Ubuntu

-Even on new laptops where computer repairman give up and can not install the OS!

3. Windows 7 can not be installed on a new laptop

-The standard computer repairman will say the hard drive is broken, but our technicians solved the problem

without changing the hard drive or any other hardware!

4. Virtual router does not start (use your laptop as a virtual router, instead of buying a separate router)

-Solved by our team after the normal options were depleted!


Consultations on any topic for computers.

1. If you want to assemble a new PC, what do you need?

2. I have a problem with my computer.

3. I want to upgrade my computer.

4. Do I need to buy a new computer or can I optimize this one.

5. What is the best for my company. How to reduce the costs and what software to pick.

6. How to install any type of software.

7. I need to train my staff.

What we have done until now both offline and online:

1. Repairing computers

2. Installing Windows OS ( Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP)

3. Installing Linux (Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Archlinux, Android for PC

4. Port forwarding and router set-up

5. Using XAMPP for servers, SQL lite, php, myphp admin

6. Making game servers

7. Solving problems with peripherals

8. Installing software ( antivirus, drivers, browsers)

9. Installing hardware ( lan cards, ram memory)

10. Removing viruses

11. Fixing performance and optimising by software adjustment and/ or hardware update

12. Troubleshooting game issues

13. Repairing most PC everyday issues

The quality for us is before the speed! Despite that we struggle to do things with the maximum speed possible, we prefer to have better results than faster results!


Contact us by email, but we prefer eBay:

You pay after we solve the problem through our eBay ad so everything is secure for you and for us!