Here, we will be writing the poems made by our staff.

Yo-ho-ho and a battle of rome!

300 pirates on the sea they go, yo-ho-ho and a battle of rome! All day and night they seek gold yo-ho-ho and a battle of rome! With beards as black as hell, who sees them goes there as well, yo-ho-ho and a battle of rome!


When ever you are sick, don’t think you spirit is weak! Try everything you can, to be all right and be a man!

Work all my life

I work all my life,

and I never have time,

to do what I want.

I spend it all,

but where it goes,

no one knows!

To the mayor, to the police,

and uncle Sam’s niece.

How to live and how to survive,

in this crazy life.

Maybe I should just leave working to the wife!

People do not like me

If people do not like me,

they can close their eyes!

For I need me and not their lies!

I am myself and answer only to my heart!

Living with what I have done,

forever with me all the time!

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